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Prestazioni elevate e facilità di utilizzo




Alternating multi-frequency GPR system with 100 mhz, 300 mhz, 500 mhz antenna kit.

Ultralight system, adaptable to airborne or ground-based drones.

Equipped with Data Acquisition Software, Battery Charger, USB Cable, Integrated Wireless System.

USB, Integrated Wireless System.


Handy and ultra-light: the complete system weighs approximately 0.5 / 0.8 kg (depending on how it is assembled).

It works with both Windows and Android.

Comes with three antennas for the full range of frequency depth and usage.


  • Detection of uneven ground structure of the subsoil associated with archaeological finds;

  •  Non-invasive diagnosis of subsurface soil conditions in urban areas and industrial sites;

  • Moisture estimation, detection and saturated zone mapping, functional for flood assessment, void detection and soil decompression;

  • Assessment of the subsurface structure of dams, coastal fortifications, embankments (assessment of soil layer moisture and degree of decompression).

  • Monitoring the condition of road surfaces, soils and embankments under railway tracks.

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of underground structures, both for archaeological identification and for assessing of ground conditions, e.g. to identify landslides, mapping their distribution areas.

  • Mapping of contaminated soils, landfills and industrial waste.

  • Mapping of distribution areas of liquid petroleum products (lenses) following unauthorised leaks and accidents below the surface of industrial areas.

  • Mapping of underground communication structures (cables, pipelines, archaeology and other underground structures).

  • Determination of the condition of foundations.

  • Mapping of the investigation area during mine clearance, search and rescue.

  • Determination of the depth and profile of the bottom of rivers and lakes, the thickness of ice and snow, the detection of submerged objects.

  • Identification of metallic and non-metallic objects and cavities in the subsurface.

Specifiche Tecniche

  • Frequency Bandwidth 10 MHz - 500 MHz
  • Central Frequency 100 MHz

  • Operating Time Windows 75 ns / 150 ns

  • Dynamic Range 120 dB min

  • Horizontal Resolution 0.5 m

  • Vertical Resolution 0.5m

  • Pulse Repetition Frequency 75 kHz

  • Pulse Length 10 ns

  • Pulse Energy 600 V

  • Pulse Rise Time 2 ns

  • Power Consumption 270 mAh

  • Batteries 10/20 x 2.4 Ah NiMH 1.2 V

  • ADC Range 8 bits

  • Data Acquisiton Rate 18.2 traces/second

  • Samples per Trace 585

  • GPR Interface UART over USB

  • Operating Temperature Range -5° C to 40° C

  • Water Resistance IP 52

  • Size Antennas 40/50/80 cm

  • Weight 0,5/0,8 kg


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