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Prestazioni elevate e facilità di utilizzo


The Georad GR500 is a professional Georadar (GPR) system specially designed to work dynamically and quickly even in difficult conditions.


It is the only wheel-mounted Georadar system, equipped with shock-absorbing suspension and with the possibility of adjusting the height of the Georadar from the ground, so that it can be used both on flat terrain and on rough, rocky or ploughed ground.


The entire Georadar System of the Georad GR500 is extremely light and manoeuvrable.


The Georad GR500 can be used with or without the CART.


Can be used in:

  • INDUSTRIAL (detection of anomalies in the subsoil, cavities, voids, buried pipes, underground utilities and more)

  • ARCHEOLOGICAL (locating perimeters, tombs, finds, etc.)

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