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Prestazioni elevate e facilità di utilizzo


The Georad GR500 is a professional Georadar (GPR) system specially designed to work dynamically and quickly even in difficult conditions.


It is the only wheel-mounted Georadar system, equipped with shock-absorbing suspension and with the possibility of adjusting the height of the Georadar from the ground, so that it can be used both on flat terrain and on rough, rocky or ploughed ground.


The entire Georadar System of the Georad GR500 is extremely light and manoeuvrable.


The Georad GR500 can be used with or without the CART.


Can be used in:

  • INDUSTRIAL (detection of anomalies in the subsoil, cavities, voids, buried pipes, underground utilities and more)

  • ARCHEOLOGICAL (locating perimeters, tombs, finds, etc.)




It is NOT necessary to save  data in order to process  later.


The supplied SOFTWARE allows, among other things, the setting of various filters, the adjustment of signal strength, the screen-shot of relevant images and the saving of files for later viewing and processing, as well as the setting according to terrain type and the setting of search depth.


The Georad GR500 reaches a maximum depth of 9 metres and can be used with an odometer

or in continuous mode.


The depth grid can be set in either inches or metres for the exact identification of detected anomalies.



The use of the SOFTWARE and the consequent detection are extremely intuitive, as they are simplified through a user-friendly interface that allows you to work with this tool quickly and dynamically.


It is equipped with a system for collecting data, which can be easily transferred and used for subsequent processing and analysis.

The software is equipped with new filters that can be used in real time.


The hardware (GPR) is built with state-of-the-art integrated circuits and broadband technology.


The radar is completely shielded. This prevents the influence of external radio signals, and the detection of objects to the side or above the radar is also eliminated.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency bandwidth - 200 MHz - 800 MHz 

  • Central frequency - 500 MHz 

  • Time window - 50 ns / 100 ns 

  • Dynamic range - 120 dB  

  • Horizontal resolution - 0.1 m 

  • Vertical resolution - 0.05m 

  • Pulse repetition frequency - 75 kHz 

  • Pulse duration - 3 ns 

  • Pulse Energy - 600 V 

  • Pulse Rise Time - 1 ns 

  • Power Consumption - 270 mAh 

  • Rechargeable Battery - 9000mah - 12 volts  

  • Autonomy on one charge - 12 h / 14 h 

  • Charging time - 5 h / 10 h 

  • ADC range - 8 bit 

  • Data acquisition rate - 18.2 traces / second 

  • Samples per track - 585 

  • GPR interface - UART to USB 

  • Operating temperature range - -5°C to 40°C 

  • Water resistance - IP 52 

  • Size - cm 40 x 38 x 15

  • Weight ( of Georadar only ): 2.7 Kg



  • Shockproof Cover

  • Data Acquisition Software

  • Internal Batteries

  • External battery

  • Charger

  • Connection Cable

  • Ultralight transportable CART system Adjustable and Foldable 

  • Integrated Odometer

  • Integrated wireless system

  • Tablet included

  • Anti-glare sunshade system for tablet / pc.

The Georad GR500 guarantees accurate and reliable detection of subsurface anomalies, thanks to its new integrated and patented technology.

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